Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bacon, Pork and Ham

Ah! weel it’s been quite a wee while since ah last wrote and tae be honest ah jist don’t know where the time’s went.

First, the sad news.  Ma aul’ freen Baxter passed away.  Ah’ve only known him the past nine months or so but he had become a dear, dear frien’ tae me.  He wis like an uncle, aye keepin’ a wee lookout fir me and showin’ me the ropes.  Ah don’t know what ah would hae done wi’oot Baxter when ah first came here.  Ah wis lonely and he took me under his wing (his paw actually).  Nuff said, but he wis the best freen a wee fella like me, startin’ oot in the world, couldae had.  Ah’ll miss him.

It wis ma first vintage and as far as ah can gather it went really well.  Ah’ve no tasted the wine just yet.  Ah leave that tae others as ah gather my palette may be a little immature.  Bloody cheek, but there you are.  As ah said afore, Baxter and me supervised the pressing.  They say grapes arnae good for dogs but Baxter said it was OK so I got right toar in.  Ah think I may be a Sauvignon man though I do find the Pinot Noir also tae ma taste (nae palette indeed).

Ah had two new friends for the time – Neil frae South Africa and Matt frae Aberfeldy.  Ah couldnae unnerstan’ much of what Neil said, especially when he bantered away wi’ Gerard in that Afrikaans of theirs, but ah unnerstood every word o’ Matts – clear as a bell!  Funny, cos no-one else could unnerstaun a wird he said.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the same place if Her and Him didnae go aff somewheres for a few weeks selling the wine.  This time apparently it wis China.  So, off they went and ah was taken to stay with my auld frien’ Stanley at Waikanae.  There awefie nice folks over there and they seem to know a bit about lookin’ after wee animals like masel.  There was Stanley the Labrador, and auld Dudley (aulder than Baxter) and who disnae know what he is (Huntaway, Labrador??).  He has a wonky ear and doesnae always make oot whit your sayin’.  And then there are three cats and four children.  Man, it’s all on.

Anyway, I had been feelin’ a wee bit unner the weather but no sooner arrive than Boabs yer uncle, ontae the antibiotics and a wee special bath and right as rain – nae sooner said than done.  Apparently, ah had a yeast infection that’s common tae wee fellas like me.  Certainly ma paws had been givin’ me gyp for a good wee while so it wis guid tae be wi’ folks that cared aboot me (and werenae aff galavantin roun’ China or the likes – no names).  Lyn and Warren are Vets but ye couldnae tell cos they’re quite nice – and at least they look after me properly.

So that’s me up todate.  Save tae mention the three wee craters that arrived the mornin’.  No’ sure just what they are just yet, havnae been introduced, but ah hear their cried Bacon. Pork and Ham – funny lookin’ dogs if that’s whit they are.

p.s.  ah’ve noticed Sara aroon the place the last few days but ah’m playin’ it casual, no quite ignoring her but no pushin’ in either.  Occassionally ah push a petanque ball in her direction just tae let her know ah’m there – but ah don’t want to raise her hopes (or mine).

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