Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let the blogging begin...

Hello.  Och, aye the noo!!

Ma name is McLeod.  Ah’m the new Public Relations Advisor at Gladstone Vineyard.  A’ve this McLeod tartan collar (that ye cannae see).  A’m a Scottish Terrier but and A’m nearly six months old.  I wis born near Ngarawahia (in New Zealand, of all places) on the road tae Raglan so by rights I should be a Westie (West Highland Terrier, get it?) but am no’, am a Scottie.  I wisnae actually born on the road.  I was born in kennels wi’ ma brothers and sisters.

I missed them tae begin wi’ but my new uncle Baxter (he’s a boxer) has been muckle kind tae me and let’s me chew his legs.  He’s no’ much o’ a conversationalist but and disnae respond to my barking.  Actually, he disnae respond to much at all.  He’s a lot older than me.  He's so auld he's almost as auld as my Ma and Pa.

Ah’ve been made Public Relations Advisor at Gladstone Vineyard (posh eh!), I think, tae liven the place up a bit.  Ah get my board and lodgings (though I huvtae share with Baxter) and a fairly decent meal of a morning (though no porridge yet).  Otherwise I huvtae live off customer tips.  Ah’ve plenty o’ toys – a toy reindeer frae Christmas and a squeaky duck (excellent noise).  I like the two cat toys best, Freddie and Freda.  One’s a tabby and the other black just like me.  They’re good tae chase and I am sure next time ah’ll catch ane.

As Public Relations Advisor ah huvtae greet customers when they arrive; let them stroke and pet me (it’s nae bother); cruise the tables making sure everyone pats me again.  Ah’m pretty cute.  And then ah huvtae pick up odd titbits that fall on the grun’.  That’s the tricky bit – getting’ the customers tae drap stuff.

Anyway, I’ll keep in touch and let you know what’s happening here at the vineyard and how life is tracking.  I’ve got a lot to do to knock this place into shape but so far its been no’ sae bad.  Lang may yer lum reek.

Yours aye

(Lord) McLeod of Gladstone

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