Saturday, 24 March 2012

“My luv is like a red red rose (very expensive)”

It’s over.  She’s up and offed back tae University, never a by your leave – naethin’.  Ah’m devastated.  Whody thought?  Me? A handsome young buck like me?  It’s hard tae believe.  Admittedly Ah’m a wee bit vertically challenged but to be thrown over by a young slip o’ a thing….  Actually, ah think she still fancies me – probably crying hersel’ tae sleep in her wee dormitory – poor wee lamb.  Ah was going tae buy her a rose for Valentines Day.  As it happened ah got masel’ some Schmackos instead and felt much better – money well spent.  It would have been all too expensive – chasin’ a bird – us Scotties have got tae be canny wi’ oor bawbees.  Anyhow, plenty more fish in the sea, ‘cept ah don’t fancy fish.
"Me and ma caur"

So, the folks came back back frae Scotland, intae Summer Shakespeare (they were offy nice people), veesitors from Hong Kong then Ma and Pa’s auld freen’ Robin and Linda came to visit.  Started school thegither (Pa and Robin) when they wus five.  Hard tae imagine them as five – sad old codgers.  It was bad enough Ma and Pa gaun’ aff tae Scotland wi’oot me but aff they go wi’ Robin and Linda to the South Island (Dunedin and a’) again wi’oot me.  At least they admitted it wus a hoaliday this time. 

Ah wus left wi’ a lodger.  She was nice enuff, in fact very nice indeed but y’know ah think ah may be beginning to get a wee bit fond of the old folks.  Ma’s a bit like me, a wee terrier.  She’s aye on the go.  Whereas ah’ve no idea how he spends his time – sleeps more than Baxter as far as Ah kin see.  Anyways, aye, ah missed them.  They got back in time for the Wine harvest Festival (trust them).  Apparently, it wis a great day and great fun.  Ah stayed behin’ at Gladstone tae take charge o’ operations there.

Talkin’ of operations (which I wasn’t) the latest news is ah’ve been tae the vets again.  No’ quite sure what happened there as ah’ve no’ been sick.  In fact ah’m as fit as a fiddle.  Apparently I had a wee Op.  Anyhow, whatever it was, there’s been a lot o’ wee snidey comments and jokes gaun around centred oan me.  Apparently, they’re sayin’ Lana, Gerard the winemaker’s ten foot tall Rhodesian Ridgeback is now safe from my amorous advances.  Ah don’t get it.  Ah don’t even fancy her.

By the way, apparently chasing the hens under the nets is aff limits.  Ah’ll need tae look up ma contract.

Vintage is comin’ up soon so ah’ll let ye all know soon enough how that’s gawin’.  Let the sun shine!

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