Monday, 6 January 2014

Ma Mate James

Ah just wanted tae let ye know that we were a’ sorry to hear o’ our chef James (McMenamin)’s passing in the early hoors o’ New Year’s Day.  We’re a’ gaun tae miss him.  He wis a great chef and he an’ me had some great wee chats about cookin’ an’ Scotland an’ rocks an’ that in our Glasgow patois.  He even used some wurds ah didnae unnerstand tho’ of course ah’m still quite young.  He’d throw stones for me (some times at me) but he wis a great mate an’ ah wis sorry tae see him fa’ ill.  Like everyone here at the vineyard café an’ beyond we are going to miss him, his cooking, his patter an’ his sense o’ humour.

Rest in peace James.

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