Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Stands Scotland where she stood?

Aye, weel it’s been a busy month or two and noo we’re well intae vintage – all hands tae the pumps (gettit?).

First we had Macbeth, the Scottish play – right up ma street.  My it wis a grand effort wi’ witches, ghoulies, murder and death and stuff like that.  It was gory and brutal and threatening an’all.  Great, Ah am a terrir efter all.  They even had some auld dudes riding their motorbikes tae lend tae the atmosphere.  It was enuff tae raise the hairs on yer back.  And they played on in wind and a wee bit o’ rain.  They were as brave and hardy as the characters they wis playin’.  So, weel  done the actors and weel done the audiences fur puttin’ up with the Scottish weather (for the Scottish play).

The folks wi’ the production were affy nice tae me – throwin’ stones, lettin’ me help wi’ rehearsals, gi’en me the odd wee morsel when ah wis starving.  They were here fur a few days, stayin’ doon at the local marae – nice folks doon there an’ they were all gie well looked efter.  AH even went wi’ the auld yins (him and her) tae see the show in Wellington.  Och! Aye, I’m very much the wee man aboot town.  Always, aff tae the theatre!!  It wis great to see them a’ again and watch the show in a different place.  It was quite late oot fur me and the show was mostly in darkness wi’ great lights so’s you could see the action.  Ah was gi’en a ‘Macbeth’ bandanna tae wear so ye can see ah’m well in wi’ the cast.

Then, we had the Harvest Festival at the Cliffs on March 15 (“Beware the Ides of March” – ah know, ah canny help masel’).  It wis a great day as usual tho’ ah hud been worried sick that the weather was no gonna be any good.  In the event it was ideal.  Mind you, I was left behind (for no apparent reason) tae look after the customers at the cafe.

The cafe is goin’ like a fair an’ that keeps me busy chasin’ stones fur the customers.  Some days when it’s affy busy, ah’m knackered by the time everyone is gone – ah think some of the other staff are tae.  In winter, we’ll be more in the indoor restaurant which limits the distance people can throw stones fur me.  Ah canny remember if the auld folks let me chase stones in the restaurant.  Ah think they’re no’ too keen.  Ah say let the customer decide.  Ah’m game and as they canny throw stones too far indoors ah should be able to take it a wee bit easier – and hae a wee lie down in front of the cosy fire.

An’ noo it’s vintage.  Ah huv an important role at vintage tasting the grapes that fa’ oot o’ the de-stemmer/crusher or the press.  It’s a’ part o’ quality control.  The auld man and me take the role of quality control very seriously though he tends tae drink out o’ the bottle while I lap it up aff the concrete.

Anyway, why no’ come oot an’ see me while the sun is still shinin’ an’ then ye can come back later in the winter for a cosy lunch indoors wi’ yours truly as mine host.
A’ ra bes’ a’ ra time.

McLeod of McLeod

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